I am excited to share this weeks baby step to better health.  This set of exercises know as the 5 Tibetan Rights are know as the fountain of youth.

I first learned of the 5 Tibetan Rights in my yoga teacher training program.  Our instructor would start our training sessions with us doing the 5 Tibetan Rights.  The first few times I did the exercises I felt stiff but after sometime you will start to flow through them.  They get easier with time.

They take a short amount of time, yet strengthen, tone, stretch and open the body.   These exercises are known as the “fountain of youth“.  If you start to do these daily, before long your friends and family will start asking you, “What are you doing? you look amazing!”

A man who comes to my power yoga class was interested in learning about the 5 Tibetans.  I gave him my book to read about the exercises and he said he had been doing them for a few weeks, WOW! I could see such a difference in him it was profound!

The beauty of these exercises is that you don’t need a gym, they can be done anywhere.  At home, in a hotel room if you are traveling, outside wherever.   If you start doing these daily it will change your body and your life.  Now that’s a baby step to better health, youth, and vitality!

The link below is full of info about these life changing exercises.

Learn more about the 5 Tibetans

Now it’s your turn

Make a commitment to doing these, comment below and share how many days you are going to commit to doing these. Then come back and share with everyone how you feel.