You really can have your cake and eat it too!  I’ve been “flirting” with the whole live raw food thing lately and I think I’m really onto something awesome.

raw vegan chocolate cupcakesI feel like I was just let in on this huge secret of how to live the healthiest life imaginable.  This amazing little raw vegan restaurant/cafe opened up near my house and has changed the way I think about food and what I am putting into my body.

I took a class there last weekend and got some really amazing recipes and this one is for raw vegan cupcakes.  Why would you want to eat a raw vegan cupcake other then the fact that it is totally and utterly scrumptious?

Because “live” desserts are nutrient dense.  Ani Phyo, author of “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen” explains that Every bite of a raw dessert gives our body healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that strengthen our immune system, defend against bacteria and viruses, reduce inflammation, and help prevent cancer and heart disease.  She says she even eats them for breakfast sometimes!! now that’s my kind of breakfast girlfriend!!!

Ani also says that eating anything fresh and raw whether it’s a yummy soup or delicious dessert is fueling our bodies.  “we can choose to use low grade fuels or high grade fuel.  I’ll take some rocket fuel, thank you!

So by request from some facebook fans here is a recipe that might have you thinking twice about trying some more delicious “raw live” foods recipes.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. 2 cups raw, unsalted, NOT roasted pecans or walnuts
  2. 1 cups dates, pits removed ( since this was the first time I ever made anything with a date, I didn’t know they had pits:)
  3. 1/4 cup raw chocolate powder
  4. 2 tablespoons coconut butter ( you can find this in a health food store)
  5. 1 tablespoon vanilla
  6. 1/2 cup maple syrup

Mix all ingredients in a food processor, press into cupcake paper and shape or roll into balls like I did.

Chocolate icing

  1. 4 Tablespoons maple syrup
  2. 2 Tablespoons raw chocolate powder
  3. 2 Tablespoons almond butter
  4. 2 Tablespoons coconut butter

Mix in processor and spread on cupcakes (or balls).  Since these are extemely filling and dense, you don’t need to make them very big.