the power of hugsThis weeks baby step is so cheap! The impact of it on your loved ones could last a lifetime! It costs nothing and will boost your health AND the health of your loved ones!:)

Think about someone in your life that gives or gave the BEST hugs!! Does anyone come to mind? Maybe YOU are the one who gives the best hugs;) I will always remember the hugs my english grandmother gave me! In fact, although she is now in Heaven I still feel the effects from the LOVE in that hug! She would wrap her arms around me, draw me in super tight and say, “ I love you poppet” (she called me poppet somethings:)

In this week’s short video, I share the research behind hugs and why this will positively impact your health!

I try very hard to remember to give my boys the kind of loving strong hugs that my nanny gave me. I hold them close and tight and tell them “do you know how much I love you”?

I’m thankful I can pass on my nanny’s hugs that she blessed me with! Indeed LOVE has no limits. Every LOVING thought and deed goes on forever. Really!:)

Your Turn

Please comment below and share with me if you have someone in your life that gives or gave the BEST hugs! How did it impact your life? I want to hear about it!:)