Why I will never leave home without my lavender essential oil again

Our family recently took a trip to the England and I don’t think any of us realized just how much we would be using our lavender essential oil on our trip to England.

I packed it mainly to add drops to my bath, as a mom of two busy boys, I need my lavender to calm down and relax!:) but Little did I realize how many times it would come to our “rescue” for some minor and not so minor happenings.

Especially since you can’t get to a 24 hour Walgreens or 24 hour Urgent Care the way we can here in the United States.

It was so wonderful to have our beautiful and helpful lavender along to help take care of us!

Our lavender came to our aid for burns, cuts, stings, bites, allergies and unexpected rashes.

I’ve always loved lavender for it’s calming properties. It’s been only in the recent years I have come to understand, through the use of this oil, the many therapeutic properties that our ancestors knew but many of us have forgotten.

As my love for aromatherapy has grown with the therapeutic use of essential oils, I am meeting some amazing qualities of this friendly and calming oil of Lavender.

We used it on the very first day we arrived.

When we arrived in England my son had a pretty bad rash all over his tummy.

I was pretty sure I could see a doctor’s visit happening in the next few days, but had no idea where I would start with that being in a foreign country.

I was hopeful that the lavender would bring him some relief in the meantime.

We quickly pulled out our lavender and fractionated coconut oil and applied it in the airport bathroom.

The next day it was looking better. We applied the lavender for the next 3 days and the rash was gone.

Adventures along footpaths with “stinging” nettles.

For the past two years, we had dreamed of being in England again and walking along the beautiful footpaths that cover my native land of England.

Being born to a British mother and an American father, as a child, my parents moved to the United States, but I have always felt England to be my true home.

hike along costal path

The countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and we were determined to walk across the footpaths as much as possible in the next few weeks.

Along the way, we met up with some stinging nettles.

stinging nettles

Nettles are an amazing plant with many therapeutic qualities, but if you brush up against them in the wild they give you a nasty little sting and can leave red patches on your skin.

It seemed like my boys were attracted to Stinging nettles!

Every Time we ran into them, we pulled our lavender essential oil our of our backpack and applied it to the area of irritation and had instant relief!

At this point I was feeling pretty grateful for this gift of nature!

applying lavender to my son

Lavender to the rescue again! A not so nice burn from an old boiler.

We were having the quintessentially “British” time of our lives in the Cotswolds. Our first time visiting this area, my husband had rented a very beautiful, and very old cottage on Air BNB.

It was out of a story book with a train viaduct within view of my boys bedroom window.

train bridge

The train came by a few times a day and would blow whistle to warn anyone near the tracks, my boys would stop anything they were doing, and run to the window to watch the train wiz by on this beautiful old stone train bridge.

It reminded me of one of my favorite books as a child, “The railway children”.

A few days into our visit, we drove out to visit the lavender fields and distillery a few miles away.

As a lifetime LOVER of lavender and in the middle of my aromatherapy certification course, I was beyond excited about visiting a lavender distillery.

It was one of the best moments of my life. I had always dreamed of seeing lavender fields like the ones you see flipping through travel magazines in bookstores.

lavender fields

The lavender farm even had a little tea shop that sold lavender and lemon cake!

lavender lemon cake

We arrived back to our cottage and little did I know that our lavender would again come to the rescue.

I burned the back of my hand really good with hot water that comes straight out of the boiler in our very old cottage.

I ran to the bedroom to get my bottle of lavender and drenched the red and painful back of my hand with lavender.

lavender essential oil

I was convinced my skin would peel off and began wondering where in the world I would find an urgent care in the middle of this tiny village.

I noticed that the lavender immediately relieved the pain and although my hand stayed red for a long while, the skin did not peel off. Phew! I reapplied it a few times and in a day, it was all good.

We used it along our journey for a few more minor cuts, scrapes, and mystery bug bites.

My son would say, mom, I need that lavender again.

I truly never imagined we would put this bottle of lavender essential oil to use so much on our trip away so far away from home

And to see it growing everywhere around us I was feeling extremely grateful.

We will never leave home again without it! Even around our own town.

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)

There are many varieties of lavender grown. The one we had with us is the pure essential oil of Lavendula angustifolia.

I can’t stress the importance of quality. For an essential oil to be effective, you must have pure unadulterated (no chemicals or synthetics added) essential oil.

Many essential oils companies unfortunately cut corners and costs and add synthetic chemicals to their oils. Find out here where we get our oils

The many benefits of Lavender Essential oil

Lavender essential oil is created by steam distillation of the flowers.

It has calming, soothing, and nurturing emotional qualities. It’s a wonderful oil to help calm a busy mind. It is a wonderful oil to diffuse in bedrooms

Lavender is well regarded as an analgesic (pain relieving) oil. This is due to its main constituent, linalool. Research has established that it has antinociceptive pain relieving actions. This is why when I applied it to my burn, I found that it relieved my pain.

Lavender is calming to the skin as well as emotions. Apply to upset skin such as rashes, irritations, minor burns and cuts.

In our family, we apply to insect bites and it relieves our itching.

There are many ways Lavender essential oil. It’s an oil that is definitely beneficial in so many ways! Always dilute essential oil before applying with a carrier oil.

Your Turn…

Have you used essential oils before? Comment below and share your favorite use of Lavender essential oil.