My family and I live in the swamp. I’m not kidding, we really do. We live in Gainesville Florida which is know as “the swamp”. Let’s just say that we need a really good bug spray that actually works around here.

Using an all natural non-toxic bug spray is super important to your health. You don’t need to spray toxic chemicals on your body to keep the bugs away!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our skin is the largest organ in our body and everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body quickly and into our blood stream.

Many of the commercial bug sprays contain DEET and other harmful chemicals.

“DEET is especially dangerous for small children. Seizures may occur in small children who are consistently exposed to DEET on their skin for long periods of time.”

The Environmental Associations of Nova Scotia reported that most serious concerns about DEET are its effects on the central nervous system. Dr. Mohammed Abou-Donia of Duke University studied lab animals’  performance of neuro-behavioral tasks requiring muscle co-ordination. He found that lab animals exposed to the equivalent of average human doses of DEET performed far worse than untreated animals. Abou-Donia also found that combined exposure to DEET and permethrin, a mosquito spray ingredient, can lead to motor deficits and learning and memory dysfunction.

We absolutely love this natural bug repellent because not only does it work but it smells amazing and is really good for your skin! It has become such a hit with our family that we have been making them for tons of people.

Pure Plant PowerThis bug spray uses the amazing power of plants!

Plants are so awesome! They have their own built in bug repellent. They produce essential oils that protects them from bugs, fungi, and bacteria. When we apply those essential oils to our bodies, they can do the same for us! I’m a huge gardening nerd and I think that is just so cool!

In this natural bug repellent recipe, the essential oils of geranium, peppermint, lavender and lemongrass are used. There are many other essential oils that keep bugs away as well. This particular recipe we have used here in the “swamp”, the mountains, and at the beach and it works amazing!

“Bug Off” Natural Bug Repellent
15 drops Geranium
15 drops Peppermint
15 drops Lemongrass
15 drops Lavender
Fractionated coconut oil

Mix essential oils in a small spray bottle, add coconut oil to fill, shake well before each use. Spay onto exposed areas of the skin.

Bugs-Be-Gone natural bug repllent

Not only is this all-natural bug repellent going to keep the bugs off, but it is actually really GOOD for your skin!

Lavender and Geranium have been used for thousands of years for their skin beautifying properties! We all know how good coconut oil is for the skin, so you can feel super good about this bug repellent!

Click here if you have no idea where to start with using essential oils and would like to learn more.

It’s very IMPORTANT to use pure essential oils. You may have noticed but just about everywhere sells them these days. They are not all created equal and you need to make sure that your oil is potent and pure or it’s just not going to work nearly as well. Or it may not work at all.


all natural bug spray with essential oils