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I’m Katherine Stromick and I love flowers, nature, and healthy living.

I love digging in the dirt, sipping herbal (and sometimes English Tea :-)), going on adventures and walking along cliff paths overlooking the sea.

I believe nature is one of our greatest teachers!

Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope!

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Homemade Soothing Lotion For Itchy Skin

This week I am super excited to share with you a very special homemade soothing lotion for itchy skin you can make at home. If you or someone you love has super itchy spots that won’t seem to go away, this may help! We are talking serious relief!! This is one powerful...

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How To Reduce Stress In One Minute Or Less

Did you know that, anytime or anyplace, you can experience the peace that is always with you but gets covered up with inner “noise”. It’s called a “mini meditation”. I was listening to a video recently where Eckart Tolle, Author of “The Power of Now” shares about...

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5 Benefits of Holy Basil Tea

I love growing basil and love adding it to my green smoothies for all the many health benefits but have only recently discovered the amazing holy basil variety! One of the best and easiest things you can do for your health is to start drinking holy basil tea. Know as...

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Plant Power

Discover 10 powerful plants (and how to use them) to naturally support your health & emotions